Thu 06 Aug 2020 21:33

Diversity, equality and inclusion policy (inc. anti racism)

 Rugby belongs to, and should be enjoyed by, Everyone equally.

Oundle Rugby Football Club is committed to promoting this ethos. ORFC is responsible for setting standards and values to apply throughout the Club at every level. ORFC is committed to the eradication of discrimination within its own organisation and within the wider rugby community.

Our commitment is to be truly inclusive and reflect the diverse members that support our club. That’s why we take seriously our responsibility to confront and eliminate any discrimination, whether by reason of sex, sexual orientation, race, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, belief or disability, pregnancy or maternity, or marital status ( ‘Protected Characteristic(s)’).

Equality of opportunity at ORFC means that in all our activities we will not discriminate or in any way treat anyone less favourably on the grounds of Protected Characteristic(s)..

These commitments apply to:


  • Advertising for volunteers
  • Selection of candidates for volunteers
  • Courses
  • External coaching
  • Team selection
  • Appointments to any titled positions



ORFC promise to treat all members with respect and expects its members to do the same and treat members as you’d like to be treated.


Harassment and bullying

ORFC will treat all allegations of harassment and bullying very seriously. Members are encouraged to report any harassment or bullying witnessed immediately to the club safeguarding officer


What is harassment and bullying?

Harassment is any unwanted physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct associated with a Protected Characteristic which has the purpose or effect of violating a person's dignity or creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment for them. A single incident can amount to harassment. Harassment may include, for example:

  • mocking or belittling a person's disability;
  • unwelcome sexual advances;
  • sending or displaying pornographic material that is or that some people may find offensive;
  • jokes or derogatory or stereotypical remarks about a particular ethnic or religious group or gender.

Bullying is intimidating or offensive behaviour making a person feel upset, or threatened. It is not constructive criticism.

ORFC Anti-Racism Policy Statement

The Club has a proud tradition of being detached from the taint of sectarianism and is similarly utterly opposed to any manifestation of racism in print by actions or verbally on or off the pitch.

The Club will therefore take action against its members if the following occurs:

  • Racist chanting
  • Racist behaviour (which is a criminal offence)
  • Racist abuse
  • Racist literature (including on line)
  • Racist graffiti

This action may vary according to the severity of the offence.  Initially a verbal or written warning could be given to an individual and if the situation continues then an individual’s position within the Club membership will be reviewed and may be revoked. There may be circumstances where we consider the conduct so serious that a warning of any kind is not sufficient action and we proceed to immediate withdrawal of that member and the revocation of their membership.

Please note that irrespective of any action taken by the ORFC, we reserve the right to refer any matters to the police for any appropriate action to be taken.